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Austin Phone System Services network cabling and engineering services have extensive communication wiring design and installation knowledge.

Our cabling expertise spans a wide spectrum of products, such as traditional analog lines – to the cabling for PRI’s, VoIP, MPLS, and point-to-point circuits.

Regardless of whether your business telephone needs are for a feature-rich digital phone system, or a Hosted or VoIP solution – our friendly and knowledgeable staff members have the know-how to design, deploy, and maintain the perfect solution that is right for your business.

Our experienced cabling staff is unrivaled in the Austin area when it comes to network infrastructure design, data and voice cabling installation, fiber optic cable installation, VoIP installation, data center cable engineering and design, as well as data center cabling.

Our infrastructure and cable technology technicians and engineers install computer network cabling networks for both small and large commercial firms – with installations ranging from just a few cable drops – to those needing a complete data center installation with hundreds of cable outlets.

Cable Testing and Certification

The cabling in offices and buildings for phone systems and data networks is one of those things no one sees – but never the less – it’s a critical part of the overall operation of any business.

It’s like plumbing – which no one sees or thinks about very much – but there is a major difference.

If something goes wrong with the plumbing – you KNOW it – maybe by noticing that water is pouring out of the ceiling from the floor above – or by the toilets getting backed up.

But a bad cable installation can be even MORE damaging to the productivity of your business than a leaky pipe – but you won’t notice it like you would with a plumbing problem.

With today’s technology-based business inter-connectivity environment that has multiple computers connected to each other, to the internet, to the phone system, maybe then to one or more private intranets, and then to a variety of other peripherals like printers and other hardware arrangements, cabling HAS to be something that is installed by a company that – simply put – knows what they are doing.

Anybody Can Go To Home Depot
And Get A Box Of Cable

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Anybody can go to Home Depot and get a box of cable and run it through ceilings and down the walls, but there are standards that have those doing the work MUST be aware of to make sure the cable actually does what it’s supposed to do – that being the passing of high amounts of data – as well as ensuring the accuracy of the data it does pass.

A cable installer must understand the effect that things have on network bandwidth and data integrity – things like how the bends in the wiring can cause problems, the proximity of the cable to electrical interference sources, and even how to secure the cable to the building structure.

Austin Phone System Services network cabling and engineering professionals are fully trained and totally familiar with the electrical codes involved – and we ALWAYS pay attention to details – even the little issues like how tightly a cable tie should be pulled – and how to “dress” the cable properly when bundling and securing it down a wall or the path the cable takes when laying it in the ceiling and overhead plenum area.

Office and warehouse cabling is a sometimes misunderstood – yet complicated element involved – in the building of a highly efficient IT infrastructure, and it is a necessary foundation for high bandwidth and data-carrying capacity.

In addition to providing high-quality installation services, we also thoroughly test all of our cable work after installation, and you can be confident of the integrity of the job for years to come.

Also, our thorough cable testing establishes a solid foundation for avoiding costly troubleshooting issues that could inevitably crop up in the future.

And remember – despite having the very best computer systems and equipment on the market, your office communications network will only be as fast, strong, and reliable as the network and system wiring that connects it all together.

It would be like having a powerful engine in your car – but your tires just couldn’t handle the speed without a blowout.

And with research revealing that up to 50% of all computer network problems and capacity issues are related to network cabling, it is in your companies best interest to have it done right – and sometimes right may even mean paying a bit more than a bit less.

Many of our competitors simply do not strive to exceed the industry cable installation standards – and thus – they do not provide the level of cable testing and certification that we offer as a part of our standard practice.

Quality testing will expose cable impairments such as cross talk, data errors, and delays which cause network information transfer to be slow.

To sum up…
Our network cabling and engineering staff
offers you expert cabling services in
the following telecom areas of expertise:

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Network Cabling
Local Area Networks
Wireless Area Networks
Voice & Telephone Wiring
Fiber Optic Cabling
VoIP Phone Systems
Patch Panels

Structured Cabling
Audio System Cabling
Access Point Installer
Wireless Network Installation

Alarm System Cabling & Installation
10 Gigabit Ethernet
Data Center Services
POS cabling
Network Cabling Design
Green Data Cabling
Coax Cabling
Plenum Cabling
Paging Systems
Server Racks

We look forward to helping you with regards to any communication needs you may have.

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