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“How To Get Through The Decision Making
Process When Buying A New
Or Replacement Business PBX Phone System.”

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Identifying which business telephone system is the best for your small business telecom needs can be a very time-intensive – and sometimes difficult – process.

Austin Telephone System Services will help you to choose the best phone system at the best price.Evaluating a completely new business telephone system calls for careful research.

The problem is – if you buy a telephone system that simply doesn’t meet your needs, it could possibly turn into an expensive blunder as well as creating compatibility issues for you down the road, and then – you could end up being stuck with something that simply doesn’t meet your company communication demands.

When thinking about the almost endless selection of small business phone systems there are that can be found, Austin Phone System Services stands ready to thoroughly answer every question you pose to us – with the goal being that your questions and concerns are fully resolved.

We’ll Help You Understand The
Many Types Of Phone Systems
And Features Available To You

We’ll help you to define the various aspects of what it is you’ll be needing in the way of options and features with regards to choosing the right system.

Our engineering team will assist you to consider the many details associated with understanding what’s available – and they’ll make certain you do not find yourself picking out the wrong system – along with ensuring that you will be getting the best deal – as well as the ideal phone system for your business.

You’ll find that throughout our discussions – we strive to make certain that the two of us clearly are aware of your unique phone system requirements – since we want you to have the confidence that we’ll meet – and even far better than that – go beyond your expectations.

We Will Make Every Effort To
Meet And Exceed Any Competitors
Quote That You Might Have

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And if you have been quoted a system you really like, just let us know what specific system and features you have been quoted – and we’ll make every effort to beat the price you’ve been given.

And from an installation and service standpoint – you’ll readily see that we are – hands down – more responsive and more flexible than the other communication and equipment providers around Austin and Travis County.

Having been in the business more than 20 years, we’re very familiar with our competitors, and we really do look forward to being able to differentiate our service and product line from “the other guys”.

After our discussion – you’ll have a much greater understanding of what is required to make a decision with regards to the best phone system for your company by getting a handle on the specific features that are available – and any costs – whether now or in the future – that some of our competitors “hide” until they’ve got you locked up in a contract.

You simply have to have a clear understanding of the features you want in your phone system or you won’t be able to make the right decision – and we really do guide you throughout the decision-making process.

We also take great effort in suggesting
features you hadn’t thought of…
that can increase the competitiveness
of your company.

Phone system suppliers vary greatly when it comes to what’s included in a particular package and what’s considered an add-on to the service. We make sure you know what all’s involved before you sign on the dotted line 🙂

Things like – what kind of different style phones are available, as some employees may need more sophisticated phones than others.

In addition – we will explain a number of the technical terms involved in today’s phone system marketplace – like SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based and its compatibility with other technologies.

By the way – SIP is simply a signaling protocol used for establishing sessions in an IP network, and it is now the protocol of choice among VoIP users – but we’ll make sure you get all the details – if you want to go that deep as we talk things through.

With a SIP-based system, you can have
access to a variety of innovative services, including:

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  • voice-enriched e-commerce
  • click-to-call on Web pages
  • instant messaging with buddy lists
  • collaborative multiparty multimedia conference calls
  • and more.

Most systems these days can grow as your business grows, and we’ll help you understand the extra costs that may come up if or when you expand?

So if you’re likely to expand your business, or open up new locations in the Austin area or even in another state – we’ll ensure that the phone system you decide on is going to be versatile enough for making those changes along with you, without including a lot of additional expenses and complications.

Because VoIP requires a broadband Internet connection, we also make sure what kind of bandwidth you’ll need – as well as making sure that you don’t have issues with things like voice quality, emergency calls, and security problems.

We also evaluate your internal network, such as your routers and switches, in an effort to expose any load capacity issues that you need to be aware of and if required – we can suggest an alternate type of router that might provide a better Quality of Service for your new or upgraded system.

Austin Phone System Services

Providing exemplary telecom
service and support.

We’re just simply the best choice in today’s sometimes “musical chair” economic environment, so if unexpected problems do arise, you’ll know who to call and when they’ll be available to help you – because we realize that you simply don’t want to find yourself in a predicament in which you sign an agreement with a service provider – and then find out that their support “happens to be” hard to get in touch with.

We look forward to helping you with regards to any communication needs you may have.

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